Ongoing Health Guide

Leveraging Partnerships

Your partners are here for you!

We encourage you to use the resources available through our Mailender website, as well as all the tools offered by your manufacturer partners. A great example of this is Spartan Chemical: offering articles, tools, tips and training to keep you informed on the latest in product usage, EPA and FDA approved products, cleaning techniques, industry- specific guidance and more. Contact us for more information.

You can also find guidance and educational pieces from: *You can always start with your Mailender rep - we’ll help get you what you need!
Spartan Cleaning Products


You have most certainly made some changes to address the COVID-19 health crisis… How are you communicating your new cleaning protocol? Do your employees and guests understand how you are working hard to protect them?
  • Demonstrate your organization's efforts by posting signage that shows the actions you are taking to make your facility safe.
    • Place table tents in lobbies, breakrooms and cafeterias explaining elevated cleaning protocol.
    • Post signs near sinks showing proper hand washing & drying techniques.
  • In restrooms, provide disposable hand towels in place of air dryers to encourage more hygienic hand washing procedures
  • Install hand sanitizer dispensers around high-touch areas
  • Require your cleaning staff to participate in refresher training (Ask us how we can help with this!)
  • Apply a surface protectant every 30-days to increase the effectiveness of your regular cleaning and disinfection program. Tell everyone about it!
Going the extra mile